Task 2 Ielts The consumption of the world’s resources is increasing at a dangerous rate

The consumption of the world's resources (oil, and water etc.) is increasing at a dangerous rate.

The consumption of the world’s resources is increasing at a dangerous rate. What are causes and solutions?

Over the past decades, the world has seen an alarming increase in terms of consumption of natural resources such as coal, oil, and water. There are a variety of forces that drive this trend and several solutions should be adopted to solve the thorny issues which have arisen.

Excessive consumption of natural resources may be caused by various reasons. Firstly, there is a clear connection between a number of global resources consumed and the great boom of industry all around the world. In fact, in order to ensure the operation of millions of machine playing a vital role in most of the industrial sections, industrial sites, and huge resources such as water, electricity, and oil are required which leads to overexploitation in these sources. Secondly, since we have been living in the age of technology, we tend to be reliant on many technology gadgets related to energy in almost every aspect of life, including working, learning and entertaining. Besides, human beings have been wasting natural resources when we use them over our demands or for inadequate ones which lead to out of the resource in the future.

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To tackle this taxing issue, there are various effective solutions that should be taken into account. First, by carrying out selective industrial development plants, the governments can limit the number of factories and industrial sites at a reasonable level. This means that we can save not only energy but also money and human resources to research and use other resources such as electricity from the wind, solar power and renewable energy more widely. Second, in order to raise the public awareness on using these resources, the authorities should conduct a variety of massive campaigns to offer valuable information about this issue. For example, using the bicycle as a means of transportation allows citizens not only to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels but also to strengthen their physical health and mental state.

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In conclusion, it is clear that there are various reasons for this trend, however, steps need to be taken to tackle this issue.

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